Saturday, 24 December 2016

Kiosk, Luggage Trolleys, Parcels, Boxes and Crates

I've just created some luggage trolleys, parcels, boxes and crates for my N Gauge layout. I made them from card plans I created. The kiosk I made a while ago and is included on the luggage trolley pdf file. The plans are in full colour and just need to be printed out on thin card, cut out and glued. You can view/download the pdf files here. Below is a picture of the finished articles before placing on my layout. Happy Christmas 2016!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Model Railway Sound Effects

I've just created an App to give some sound effects to my n gauge layout. It's made in Android only (sorry I can't afford a Mac to create Mac/iPod/iPad software). It's very simple and easy to use. It just turns your smart phone or Tablet into a sound effects board. You can connect some external speakers if you wish but the sounds are quite loud enough. There are 20 realistic sound effects for model railways.

Lifelike sounds include:

3 x Steam Whistles
3 x Diesel/Electric Horns
Steam Blast
Guards Bell

Background continuous sounds:
Steam Chug Slow
Steam Chug Fast
Train Track Slow
Train Track Fast

Guards Whistle
Factory Alarm
Car Horn
Church Bells
Dog Bark
Fog Horn
Police Siren
Ship Horn

More than one sound can be played at one time and a random function plays a different sound every few seconds if required.

Download for free on Google Play.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

N Gauge Model Carts From Card

Inspired by my Steptoe cart in the previous article, I've gone cart making mad and created a further 9 different models. Some time ago I purchased a pack of white plastic animals in N Scale 1:150. These included several horses in various positions. After painting them I found I had really too many for the field I had set aside on my railway layout so the idea was born to add carts to them, starting with a Steptoe & Son rag and bone cart. Now my collection includes one for my coal merchant, timber merchant, Hodges the grocer, a Double Diamond brewery cart, an Esso Blue one and a cart for Manor Farm. I then took the design a little further and created a horse drawn milk float under the United Dairies brand.

I have added the model plans to my Etsy store if anyone would like to make these themselves. For the loads in the carts, I made these as follows.

Milk churn load. I created milk churns by cutting the ends off a cotton bud and pushing this onto the end of a cocktail stick. I then carefully cut off the end of the cocktail stick together with the cotton bud shaft, so that about 1mm of plastic remained on the cocktail stick to form a lid. I made about 20 of these and painted the ends light grey. I then stuck each cocktail stick's remaining pointed end in plasticine to dry. Once dry I cut about 5mm off each painted end of cocktail stick, creating milk churns.
Coal Sacks load. For coal sacks I cut off the ends of cotton buds and painted the ends a light grey. Once dry I cut them into 5mm pieces using a pair of wire cutters. This has the effect of squashing the thin tube into a more sack like shape. I then filled my sacks with a little bit of black plasticine.

Timber load. For the timber I painted several cocktails sticks with brown and black water colour paint. Once dry I cut pieces roughly to the length of the cart.
Barrel and sack loads. These are from the Ratio 221 plastic kit of sacks, barrels and pallets. These are quite often on Ebay and are generally no too expensive at £3-£4.

Paraffin/Gas bottle load. Cut off the very point (about 2mm) of several cocktails sticks. Paint the ends a light blue and allow to dry. Then cut 5mm pieces off the ends.

I was very pleased with the results and was able to create some little scenes as you can see in the photos. The knocked over milk churn and the United Dairies horse enjoying a surprise breakfast. The coalman filling the sacks and the brewery cart delivering to my Railway Inn pub.