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Sunday, 7 April 2013

1950/60's Garage and Petrol Station N Scale Card Model Plan

 Print and build an N Scale 1/160 card model of a 1950/60's garage and petrol station. The model is based on the Aidensfield Garage in the 'Heartbeat' TV series set in the 60's. The plans are in PDF format and can easily be printed onto A4 thin card or A4 paper which can then be glued to card. The model can be quickly and easily made by just cutting out and gluing the tabs etc. I have included a coin in one shot to give you an idea of the size when finished.

To build this you need the following:

1. A fine sharp craft knife
2. UHU hart adhesive or similar (quick drying)
3. Metal rule

First print out the pdf file plan directly onto A4 thin card or onto A4 paper which you then stick to thin card. Then follow the instructions below. It is probably best to start with the garage so you can get used to the pressure required for cutting through the card and for scoring.


  1. First cut out the walls piece complete. Score the vertical grey lines for bending, after the whole piece is cut out. If you want the doors in the open position, cut out the door apertures. Cut out the blue wall connector. Carefully bend all the walls along the scored lines and glue the wall connector to the inside of the side wall where they join above the door aperture.
  2. Cut out the inside strengtheners and glue them inside the end walls.
  3. Cut out the front double and side double doors. Cut out the side door and main front door spacers and top fascia boards. Glue both sets of doors in position either open or closed. Use the spacers as a guide to how wide you can have the doors open. The spacers allow the tops of the doors to be covered by the fascia boards. Glue the appropriate spacers above both sets of double doors. Stick the fascia covers over the top of the spacers.
  4. Cut out the roof and then score the lines along the tabs so that they can be bent back double against the main roof. Fold and glue back the two longest sides first followed by the wall end tabs.
  5. Once dry glue the roof to the main walls.
  6. Cut out the chimney stack, score and bend to shape, then glue together and then in place on the roof. Stick the small chimney capping stone to the top. On this instruction sheet you will find a strip of brown. Cut this out and roll between finger and thumb to make the chimney pot. Once rolled nicely, add a touch of glue to the end to fasten. Once dried glue this in place.
  7. Cut out and build the petrol pump, stand and oil tank if required. The two small squares either side of the pump are swinging arms once folded and glued to the top of the pump. I added some black cotton from inside the swinging arms to the sides of the pump, for the petrol pump pipes.
  8. Finally, when dry you can touch up any white areas carefully with a small brush and some water colour paint or some felt tip pens.
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